Indian Politics: The Lost Cause

By The Editor: Siddharth Sehgal

When I saw BSP supremo Mayawati openly explaining her “arrangement” with SP boss Akhilesh Yadav and claiming that favors her party will do by supporting SP’s candidate will be returned in Akhilesh’s support of her candidate’s Rajya Sabha nomination. Though the scheme did not go as planned but  a sort of nauseating feeling dawned on me that Indian Politics is a lost cause. It may have been a force to recon with in its yesteryears but now it’s pure and simple horse trade. Our guy for your guy and every guy in it for money.

There was a time when Indian politicians were known for their modesty, there was a time when political differences only meant divergence of thoughts, be it government or opposition, if you are a politician, your character was the paramount requirement above everything else. Leaders lived a modest life and had that touch with people on the ground. Winning election was about solving people’s problems rather than what it is today, being in power at all cost. What our politicians don’t realize is that there is growing disillusionment among people, its not just SP, BSP or Congress; it’s the whole political spectrum that has lost its place in people’s eyes.

People today choose bad from worst options, you just had to look in newspapers. Scams, seat cuts in services, paper leaks, home buyers defrauded by builders, problem of pollution, reservation, growing unemployment, that’s all you’ll find, who thinks about these problems any more? All we get to hear is that this one jumped that ship, castes and communities whims are being catered, people imposing their incompetent relatives on people and what not. Where are we heading? We have thousands, millions of people with engineering and management degrees but not handful of politicians with the spine to bring a change. We have politicians who write letters of apologies to save the lawyer’s fee much less their credibility.

These problems could have been resolved if people understand their civic responsibility. Don’t shun the politics, get involved with it. Ask questions, talk to your friends form associations, chat groups, study circles. Take collective action rather than wait to be saved. If we do not come together, it will become our destiny to be exploited and divided.



  1. O K R Sivagnanam says:

    Yes, politics today is not what it was yesterday!
    Living for the values and working for the welfare of the people must be the politicians’ real concern, no matter which party they belong to!
    They have lost this utmost priority to their selfish agenda, and they find no time to spare for the various ills people are facing!
    And their methods to capture power know not ethical stanards, given their primary goal is to occupy the seat of government – not to serve the people, but to misuse the finance of the government to serve their personal ends!
    Whoever comes with promises to change the scenario, are in no way different from their predecessors!
    A change for the better is all one is waiting for to happen!

  2. everyone is aware that politics is a dirty game… and over the years it is getting bad to worse. It is in fact a money making factory where a person wins elections by hook or by crook, and after five years still avails free benefits for the rest of his life while those who slog in service are retired at the age of 58/62 and avail no benefits for the long number of years of service
    It is assumed that a man cannot work after the specified age how come politicians can run a country even at the age of 58 +? Others are misfits for service at that age but politicians think they are above all others
    shame, shame , utter shame….

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