Cocooned and shelled

Like a hard core coconut

We live like strangers and,

Next- door neighbors,

Each within like an oyster

The pearl lying in stupor

Drunk and senseless;

Emotions dried and withered

Like the flowers…

Drooping and faded of luster

The earlier glow shed off

With constant stagnation of water

Neglected, not changed,

The freshness dried:

The quilted warmth and,

Suffocating sadness

Rouse memories of yore

Now lying dormant

Like the doormat outside the room,

Dusty and un- broomed

Stamped and chucked aside

Sobbing silently at its fate,

Discarded and discontented,

It wears a smile of constant reproach

One day … the need will arise,

It is aware

It shall live its life

It has to survive it must survive

The winds of harshness and torture

Must end

One cannot do without it

Though screened and aloof

The show must go on

“That’s life as it is lived and shared.”

                                                                    ~Shobha Diwakar

                                                                     Jabalpur, India


  1. It’s true each one of us lives in his/her shell. We barely know our neighbours. A pretentious life we lead which needs to be thrown off. A beautiful gift of God is being wasted by us in living a hypocritical life

  2. apart from the world, which is torn apart in hatred although we pretend to think and talk globally, our egos have ripped away all relationships over minor personal disputes and jealousies
    you are right ASB about people living a hypocritical life

  3. O K R Sivagnanam says:

    We all make ourselves different islands, separated by long stretch of water bodies, but rather find the going smooth and enjoyable!
    Everyone of us suffers from lack of time to spare for those around us, for we’re busy with our own agenda to be fulfilled!
    Our stay here on this earth is short, and before we realize the truth, all is bygone to our dismay and disappointment!
    And our hard-grown hypocrisy too exits with our final exit!
    And it exits with no meaning attached to the so valuable life we’ve been gracefully endowed with by the Almighty!

  4. A fine analytical conclusion drawn assiduously OKRS ji, Human beings forget,

    No Man Is An Island

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