I have been chased by

a man with no face

scared and jolted to bits

I run towards

my saving grace

I can’t describe him

nor can I evade him

have been followed by him

until the beginning

of the time they say

He is indescribable

full of contempt,

fearful and


He is full of revenge

his language, most foul

has a rent on my body

and a lien on my soul

He can devour my dreams

and can

sniff my weakness

can make the

subtle effort

to break

my moral compass

and turn me spineless

Running and tumbling

I have scraped my knees

and gasping for breath

in this deep abyss

No matter how fast I run

he always seems

to catch up

with his perfunctory


I get knocked down by

my lust and

insatiable desires

he knows

how to douse

my wishes

or how to start a fire

He is a blur

and has no shape

you get lost in his


of desires

there is no escape

I try to unveil him

unmask his identity


Here I stand

gazing into the

mirror of

my own making.

                                   ~Megha Sood

                                    Jersey City, USA


  1. Huh…so very similar to my poem looking for fear. What a coincidence!

  2. Much more a faceless man or the white collar. These are the novels with same concept.

  3. It’s great. I liked the intensity of the emotion, and the form chosen, I think, is underlining the theme – short and broken into pieces. Well done!

  4. Goosebumps alert!
    loved it!

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