Being A Child Forever

I want to tell an incident

That set me seriously thinking

I need to confide in someone, who

May empathize with me,

Without blinking

Feeling pensive and sorry

Now, I narrate my story

My son’s fiancé asked me

To go with her for camping

It was too good an offer to refuse,

Consented profusely thanking

My son objected cynically

In minimum words saying

I  should consider my age, before with

A team of kids, I consider joining

That reminded me of time he wanted to go

To a camp where

Some convent kids were going

I saw the desire in his eyes &

Sent him along with them

In spite of his father and others opposing

These children forget that

When we in age are  growing

The child, in us, remains,

Forever, a  child  frolicking

We, too, want to go out, to sing ,

Dance  and  laugh

And to  happily  partying

The child  inside  me  is  vital

For my  meaningful survival

If taken away from me

Will virtually lead me to die

For instead of prolonging

Worthless  life,

I would rather bid it a good bye

                                                     ~Sudha Dixit

                                                         Bangalore, India

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