One day I’ll be ready for you
Bathed in the moonlight
fragrant by lilies
sweetened by the nectar
hidden by the bees
I’ll ready for you
I will wash all my scars and sin
and scrape all the marks
of the sin, I’m bearing
will scrub all the pain
angst anger and the regret
I’m hiding beneath

One day I will be
brighter than the moonlight
so supple and so delicate
be my skin
the mere thought of your
lustful desires
will leave the wrinkles

My tongue will forget
all the sinful verses
and the
thought of a sullen mouth
will be an idea
long forgotten

But, Hey! my love
before that day
comes on the horizon
and breaks the illusion

I’ll stand here
naked to the moment
wearing all my scars
as my victory marks
adorned with all my
hurtful memories
bedazzled in the
unforgetful sun

I’ll cry a thousand tears
and carry that wrath
which will burn a thousand suns
walk the unbeaten path
face my fears with my
scarred and freckled face
and will not run

Will carry the forgiveness
of a mother
while balancing the scales
for your sins
Till then
I’ll be the women
as I was born
a  Warrior within.

                                                 ~Megha Sood

                                                 Jersey City, USA

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