The Retreat

Fed up of this terrorist world

And those who blindly followed the trail

That led nowhere unlike the waves

That followed and rolled into one

This desolate man depressed to the core

Ignorant of what lay ahead

Comes seeking for solitude and peace

To the solitary confines of this river

Seldom visited by man

 For fear of whirlpools.

Reflecting on the fate of man

He visualizes a symmetry and sequence

That lacks in man

He stares intently at the colliding waves

That rush to overpower each other

When all at once some miraculous ripples

Destroy their harmonious sequence

The ripples chase one another as if running a relay

Expanding and diminishing in diameter

Until the eyes

No longer, pursue their tottery wiggle


In them, he perceives the reflection of man

As inconsistent as the ripples he beholds.

With numerous questions untold and left unanswered

 Still buried in his heart he retraces his steps

In a dejected frame of mind

Leaving behind his teasing, gaping footsteps

To return to this niggardly, wizardly

Mysterious human world

                                                                       ~Shobha Diwakar

                                                                        Jabalpur, India

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