Curtains Of Night

When the curtains of night are pinned back by the stars, and the beautiful
moon sweeps the skies, and the dewdrops of heaven are kissing the rose,
it is then that my memory flies, as if on the wings of some beautiful dove,
in haste with the message it bears, to bring you a kiss of affection and say,
“I remember you, love, in my prayers.”

Well, the time should be over, the time should be gone, all the time for your
bullets and guns. All the time for your armies, all the time for your bombs,
all the time for your poison and wars. For the world it is asking for peace
now to come, for peace among nations at last. To live like true lovers and
friends on the earth: “I remember you, love, in my prayers.”

I have loved you too fondly to ever forget the love you have spoken for me;
the kiss of affection still worn on my lips when you told me how true you
would be. I know not if fortune be fickle or friend or if time or your
memory wear, I know that I love you wherever you roam, and remember
you, love, in my prayers.

                                                              ~Michel Montecrossa

                                                                 Gauting, Germany

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