Assumption: This is a raw meat roasting wisdom, Or, You Better Poison the Death


without giving to the living ones

to reflect or to forgive,

to correct or to bleach off

your war crimes or vices

the holy oblivion will put

an eternally overtaking gear

to e-race or to erase

such hateful,

intercontinental venom-

weaving soulless spiders,

from the gloriously growing

screen, script, literature and tradition.

from a noiseless-day on . . . .

they will never ever get

a good birth or a good death

a good burial or an e-salvation

in any lip, in any ear, in any eye,

in any road-name, in any story, in any song

or, in any holy-dust/ash.

oh, leave all those . . . .

but, the unhappy truth is that

they will never ever get

that name ‘Human.’

Ancient people called such births . . . .

evolved-animals, wasted-births

or, rejected-dusts.

Oh, come on and get enlightened

ye crestfallen sons . . . .

Evolutions failed mankind

with daydream, allusions, bullshit

and Trumped-up story.


Revolutions revived mankind

with reality, civilizations, blood

and Promethean-fire.

So, choose heavenly wisdom,


you can’t poison the death.

This is a raw-
meat roasting wisdom.

This is a
purified punishment
using Promethean-fire.

This is a divinely-
programmed rebellion.

This is a solar-flare
the blinding-intolerance
and the well-known cunningness
and the barbarism of the
Survival Of The Shittiest !

                                                                       ~Sanju Clement

                                                                            Kerala, India

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