Assumption: DOOOOM

The Zion

And the Himalayas proclaim

After splitting and treading over
Such e-echoes: “Come out
From the manifestos of dividing-
Walls framed by war hungry bipeds,
Fallen and poisoning animals.

Amass wisdom
From the altruistic hills of herbs,
From the daughters
Of thunder and rain and clay.
From the sweet
Soul linking Life
And inking Seas.

Travel beyond the light-year of stars,
Through the caves of cosmic art,
And digest the seasons
Of golden existence. ”

Ha, everywhere masseurs
Of mind and illusion.
Heavy breathless-books!

Potatoes and Medusas
Wandering amidst lurking ambitions
And digital festivals.

Let them milk the books of Winter
To extinguish their burning egos.

Let them laugh out loud
And be Nitrous Oxides.


Let them dissolve like a promising salt
In the goodbye tears of 2017.

I always give them Light and Truth
Fire and Moksha.
But, they come back to survive
Again in the perfumes of Samsara*
Fiction, Testaments and darkness.

And so,
I, the living Sunlight
Enlighten the Earth: “Inhuman tongues
And poisonous hands
Are the soulless companions
Of the World’s

                                           ~Sanju Clement 

                                             Kerala, India

* Samsara: The cycle of death and rebirth to which life in the material world is bound.

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