Appeasement, The Justin Trudeau Way

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal

Note: By the time this letter will be published Mr. Trudeau will be gone with sweet memories of his India Trip  


Dear Mr. Trudeau,

From my countrymen who might read this letter to those who don’t, I bid you welcome to my country. Prime Minister or no Prime Minister, we extend our greetings to you, though you might have to wait for the state honors. Please feel free to explore our country, garb yourself in our clothes, enjoy the spicy food, take as many pictures as you like at temples, hotels, with business tycoons and movie starts but among the entire fanfare and media buzz, I hope you got the message.

My dear friend, though you are our guest and I mean no offence but I’d like to point out that you have lot in common with some of our politicians here, who go out of their way to pay their lip service to “certain communities”. I have seen you doing the same for votes in your country as well. There is nothing wrong it, after all, you are a politician, it’s your bread and butter but I don’t think you have to befriend extremists to win an election, if it’s okay to hang out with Khalistani terrorist over a dinner, why bomb Islamic ones in Syria. Being a liberal doesn’t mean you open your door and arms to people with blood on their hands.

Your Khalistani friends will not be able to drive a wedge between our citizens. Many Sikh brave hearts, for centuries, have defended this land. These brave, patriotic men and women are and will remain inseparable part of our history, story and social fabric. How you or people of your country would feel if we start supporting Quebec sovereignty movement and try influencing your internal affairs? Enemy countries engage in such tactics, we don’t have any fight with you. I strongly advise you to not engage in the politics of vote bank but rather work towards making your society, system fair and just to all.

We want good relations with all the countries of the world, including Canada. We want our bilateral relations to improve the lives of people in our countries, to create job opportunities, to innovate and to fight issues like poverty, pollution, terrorism, unemployment etc. We appreciate the fact that many people of Indian extraction call Canada home but what we don’t appreciate is you coming to our home and spitting at our face.

I hope you learn a lesson in diplomacy and international friendship on this trip but please do remember one thing, your shenanigans may get you some votes back home but it might cost you an ally.


                                                                              Enjoy your Stay

                                                                                  An Indian Citizen

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  1. O K R Sivagnanam says:

    International peace and harmony, after all, is what a peace-loving human wishes!
    Win-win situation is what every country should stand for!
    There must be no thing as one country is prosperous, and the other poor!
    Appeasing one for the individual benefit is barbaric, and so must be abhorred!
    The concept that ‘ a politician is a politician ‘ must be changed, and the trend where he’s a changed lot must usher in for the overall benefit of the international community!

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