A Ballad of a Soldier

Having read otherworldly books

A soldier was begirded by sudden whim

Who he was and from where he came.

He wanted someone to explain that to him.

His curiosity chose divine  path

Day by day fervour augmented

But worldly soul got no impetus.

His sole purpose was soul be oriented.

With operose efforts

One night soul got jerk

It rode up higher zones

From that day, it became his regular work.

He  became commingled with spiritualism

As small rivulet with vast lake

As a soldier forgot his duty

At abode, sitting with closed legs made others bake.

A complaint was studded as regards his idleness

That he always sidestepped his job

By fellows with sarcasms he was belittled

Officer came for investigation as told by mob.

First off , he took a notice where he was appointed

After that he visited the invitation place.

He got flabbergasted, to whom he was to blame.

On both places found same wight’s trace.

Officer was taken by angelic miracle

And spoke,’we demand nothing from you

We are honored till you are with us,

I judged what they told wasn’t  true’.

Conversely, ‘I  remained in service for that spell

When the fact of the matter was unknown to you

But now I couldn’t stay’

Because the riddle didn’t remain perdu.

With one sided ideology, boss was a hard-nosed figure

And uttered ‘your name wouldn’t be weeded out from record

But then I am set if I be in your gazette’.

When scanned, there was no name and code.

                                                                                                ~Harjeet Singh (H.S. Sidhu)

                                                                                                                                           Hoshiarpur, India


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