For You Dear Papa

(Death Anniversary, 25th. Jan.)

Stealthily he grew old

Everyone does


He was … our papa

Always going in and out

Always working

Always a guide

When did he grow old?

When did time fly off?

And… one day

He lay shattered

Unable to walk

Unable to hold himself

Unable to sit

He… always so independent

Could no longer do anything

He resented it and … yet

No one realized he was wasting away

He showed no signs… of going away

Our papa

No, no it could not be!

Had he really grown …so…so old

No! It could not be

No one felt… he would leave

If…if only the fact could be accepted

And… it must

But when you lose someone dear

The vacuum remains

We lost our papa

We must accept

We must accept

We must

                                           ~Shobha Diwakar 

                                            Jabalpur, India


  1. A very touching poem. It’s true losing a loved one really tears you apart. Though we are aware that it’s the law of Nature but our heart refuses to accept it.

  2. Sharing the grief with you!
    The loss of someone so special and who’s so intimate and having that role of the father, is something one cannot easily come to terms with!
    It will be in our memory, incapable of being erased out, so long as we continue to exist in this world!

  3. thank you ASB and OKRSji for your comforting words
    as we grow older each day the pain of parting seems to ease but it remains deep seated and really never erases itself.
    Our father was a real HERO
    May his soul rest in peace

  4. Beautiful tribute to papa. Losing a dearest one is very hard to accept and the pain never goes away. he was a very loving father and we will always miss him.