A Wish!

The sleeping  deathly silent earth

The sky dotted with cotton balls and dark clouds

The moon waltzing in and out of them

The whistling winds

The rustling leaves

The croaking frogs

The chirping crickets

The whining mosquitoes

The hooting owls

The bats’ flapping wings

The howling dogs

All projected-

A scary musical night!

She, in her lone cottage lay sleepless

Praying for daylight

She yearned for-

The first rays of the Sun to –

Tenderly kiss Mother Earth

Shine on the trees, plants, grass

Shimmer  the vegetation with pearly droplets

Awaken the beautiful varied flowers

Brighten and warm her cottage with motherly affectionate love

Make her sing and dance endlessly with-

The chirping motley of birds

The colourful butterflies flitting from flower to flower

A joyous Heaven on earth she perceived

Soon all fears dwindled away-

A Babe in dreamland she became!

                                                                 ~Anuradha S. Bannore

                                                                  Vadodara, India


  1. a beautifully written musical piece of poem with alluring words and phrases picturing the endless aspects of nature a nd its soothing effect on human life

  2. What a beautiful description of mother nature. I really enjoyed the poem and specially the musical night

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