A Village Belle

A beautiful muslin red bordered mustard scarf

Hooded her black braided hair and-

Veiled her chubby, rosy cheeks

A lovely bluish green blouse with-

A flared floral ghagra (long skirt) she wore

Black beads cascaded down her chest

A dazzling stone studded ring on her finger –

White bangles around her wrists adorned her hands

A pretty sharp nose she had

With a momentous earnest expression-

Engrossed in her work she sat

Beside the hot earthen stove

Blazing with fiery wood

It’s outer off white walls stood in contrast to-

The inner charred ones chock-a- block with-

Yellowish orange dancing flames and –

Red hot coal on a bed of ash

The brownish patch on the kitchen wall

The black griddle resting against it behind the stove

Every little thing enhanced the simple kitchen

Her face flushed with the heat

Rhythmically her bangles chimed

As she doled out the vegetable

Enthralled in her cooking

Surrounded by assorted vessels

Oblivious she was of-

How very attractive and elegant she looked!

                                                                          ~Anuradha .S. Bannore

                                                                          Vadodara, India


  1. A nice description of the Village Belle!

    Very often, being in the kitchen is very much considered an affair so simple and casual!
    But focus and involvement in making the dishes, combining love and affection in the task, make it divine for sure!

  2. a really attractive village belle with enhanced poetic charm

  3. Thanks Shri O K Shivagnanamji & Ms Diwakar for your appreciation of my poem. It’s true we in general take cooking as a simple work & are completely ignorant as to how much love & labour it takes to cook a meal because anything cooked as a burden & hatred is no less than poison.