Seductive Ink

Oh, the thrill of that moment

You touched me with your glance

I looked around, embarrassed,

It  was  a  clandestine  chance

You fondled me with words

They had amorous warmth

With poetic sentences, as if

Taking  me  in  your arms

Like  first drop of rain,

The first taste  of romance,

Put me in frenzy, causing me

To burst out in a sprightly dance

You read me like a book

Savoring every single page

Putting remarks with magic pen

Full  of  titillating  barrage

A  consummate  desire burns

Melting passion  in my core

Don’t let it die down as yet

My love I, still, wish for more

I love the way you love me,

Your  sensuous, tantalizing  wink

Drenching  my  soul, my spirit

With  your  alluring,  seductive ink

                                              ~Sudha Dixit

                                                 Bangalore, India

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