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Wild West of the Internet

By Mark Antony Rossi  The benefits of the Internet are truly enormous. I have sold books. Maintain a weekly column. Communicate with interesting people from around the globe. I’ve purchased products and pay bills using its speed and reach. The Internet can be a blessing and a wretched curse. I’ve […]

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Shave Your Soul

Fight for pride and honour, it’s all industry. Shave your soul and battle for you and me. Be born for the moment, win the great team-spirit real. Feel the subculture thrill, the crown of the One. Cynicism and arrogance won’t bring you back home. Be the champ, the monster-turbo-performance on […]

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Like a lone duck, sitting In a desolate, dry lake, At the repressed memories I, grudgingly, look back It’s a deluge of recollections Some sinking, and some floating I would rather evade the sad, Choose the sombre and gloating I reminisce the foregone past And live in the present glory […]

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The Peace Plan

By Terence Wynne from Camillus, NY

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I walked through an arid, gloomy region Sans  shady  trees  only  cactus  plants, Sandy  terrain  with  dust  storm, Ghostly, eerie  silence  that  haunts But, I  walked  and  walked  with  grit, No  sojourn, no  sleep,  no  rest Perseverance  was  my  strength, to Reach my  dream destination – my quest We  dream  […]

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To Write or Not

In agony,In pain,In ecstasy,In pleasure I write With flowers, rocking peg in hand  I write When rain dancing or Chinar leaves fall    I write: Why toddlers dies while in hospital  I fail to write Why girls are abused in open or Why farmers end life in despair  I fail […]

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In The Street

In the street I hear the song of understanding, the fighting instinct of misunderstanding. I’m standin’ at the corner rockin’ guitar wild, I’m in the street seein’ people passin’ by. I’m a-cryin’ with the window, nobody in sight. I’m a-cryin’ with a job lost, livin’ I must and not die. […]

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Lock Me Up?

By Terence Wynne from Camillus, NY

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