The Race

I have sowed the seeds

I have planted trees

I have made rain clouds

I have stirred the breeze

I walked along with the Sun

Doing all that was needed to be done

Still, there is so much more to do

Not enough  time for frolic & fun

I can’t keep walking at a slower pace

I have to overtake the sun in the race

So that ,later on, I mustn’t  rue

By failing and falling from  grace

Sun is now at the edge of horizon

It would be dark,

Once it sets beneath  the ocean

I have so many promises to keep

Those  are  commitments,

Not  false  notions

I must run, whilst  the sky is bright

And should try to preserve some light

All this must be  achieved  in haste

Sooner  than the day turns into night

Before the Sun vanishes into Deep

And, even, I  succumb  to  sleep

I have to stitch the Moon in the sky

So that radiance is there for keeps

I wish to leave the world a better place

I have to manage the time and space

Till,  like Sun, I reach the dreamland,

I must run to win the race

                                                  ~Sudha  Dixit

                                                  Bangalore, India

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