Science as a Cover for Bigotry

 By Mark Antony Rossi

The atheist is an angry person. For what reason I can only speculate. But I am certain the field of science has the lion’s share of members whom cling to an arrogant conviction that anything other than science is a superstitious sickness.

And thus faith, religion and innocent oral history is blended into a big ball of benighted wax to toss around between the cold logic of lab coats. How very convenient that science is supposed answer all our questions until it can’t — and then we get theories, anomalies, mutations, basically guesses because science is frustratingly limited.

I labeled this article science as a cover for bigotry mainly because it often serves as a mask for people who normally would be tasked with hate speech but now can use the cover of science to be anti religious bigots and get away with it.

Dr. Stephen Hawking recently said there is no God and the universe doesn’t need a God. This is the same fellow who said when the space aliens invade Earth humanity will cease to exist. Depending on your beliefs both of his statements might be on the border of ridiculous.

Dr. Richard Dawkins says in his books religion is a blight on human history and has caused untold suffering. Naturally he missed the historical memo that clearly shows the atheistical beliefs of Communism and Nazism killed over a hundred million people in less than twenty years. This figure eclipses the combined religious conflicts, battles and wars in the entire recorded human history by twenty fold.

If you truly don’t believe in a Supreme Being than don’t believe. Yet when these questionable individuals spend half their careers berating, bullying and outright blasting anything that remotely contradicts their (ever-changing) scientific beliefs, one has to wonder if they are caught in a self-made overzealous fervor (namely Science.)

You are no longer just a scientist or a science lover if you are using your position, your energy to tear down the common folk of faith. You become an evangelist for Evolution the foundation of all that is dog eat dog —survival of the fittest propaganda that reduce thinking humans to instinctual animals bereft of any moral compass.

Evolution has so little proof I often wonder if it should qualify as a religion. It cannot explain why there have been no transitional fossils (missing links) found to conclusively prove their theory is fact. It cannot explain how human footprints have been found side by side with dinosaur tracks in the same rock strata in Texas and China.

We won’t get answers to these dilemmas because science only fills in the gaps with excuses. And then attacks people with enough courage and imagination to believe in something beyond a mathematical formula or an old pile of bones. If we are to find the truth about the universe we must first admit the lies we tell each other.

About the Author: Mark Antony Rossi is a poet, playwright and author of the bioethics volume “Dark Tech” now available from Amazon. His most recent plays have been produced in Liverpool and New York. 

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  1. The atheist is an angry person? Bunkum. This atheist is only a little irritated by that allegation, and a little bored by the denial of the most likely theory of how we came to be as we are.

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