Gujrat Elections: Politics At A New Low

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal

The Gujrat elections like many other elections have seen the sinking of political discourse to trading of candidates, sex CD’s, expose of people meeting behind backdoors and focus on lime lighting a political wannabee who want to jumpstart his electoral career by stoking the flames of reservation. Political parties instead of focusing on issues that actually concerns people are pandering to divisive rhetoric. No matter how low our politics goes there is always a new low to break the previous record.

This election in Gujrat seems more like a trading pit of stock exchange where candidates are being bought and sold like commodities, I sometimes wonder if anyone feels a little unease that these people later goes on to decide our taxes, infrastructure, economy, education and god knows what. I sometime pray that candidate whose only and sole purpose is to recover the money which has gone in buying that precious party ticket does not get access to the country’s nuclear codes, these people will sell those too. Do you think Hardik Patel will worry about jobs of Non-Patidar voters or if his Sex CD is somehow relevant to everyday problems of people of Gujrat?

I don’t see any vision from any party in this election, one is trying to hold on to power and other is trying to get hold of it by any means. The electoral discussion should be based on jobs, economic development, pollution, security but I don’t see any engagement on these subjects in any camp. This is not why we have democracy in our country and surprisingly media is reveling in this mud slinging. Instead of pointing out the disgusting situation they are falling head over heels to display this filth on prime time.

Our politics, our politicians need a soul searching; we have to stop this perversion in the name of politics. I am not saying politicians have to be saints but at least they have to be humane enough to have a sense of empathy towards people, a common sense at least.

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