My redeemer, now no need of thy healing hand,
crisscrossing sand dune through sucking heat
creeping expanse of meadow in frenzied fright
sailing hostile waves amidst dark sight
piercing wild wood in howling night
guide pole star luminating alone bright
undaunted I escape scaring plight.

Like deadly leap of cliffhanger or crusader
repentance,inquisition none,no pledge to register
for big queue seeking reprieve awaiting here;
adored life as it is, striding in mood whatsoever
embracing life darling, no parting each other:
call illusion or devolution, doesn’t matter
on wild destiny stallion, into inferno I swear.

                                                                                                 ~Shyamal Mukhopadhay

                                                                                               Nagpur, India

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  1. Vivid imagery

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