Upon the Ebb and Flow

From atop the great stone pine trees

dragonflies fantasize of summertime;

of warmer mornings and balmy winds,

while dodging flycatchers and bullfrogs.

The grass now brown beside the pond

wolves howl to worship a harvest moon

barn owls love the nightly stellar show

young geese enjoy a fresh cool sunrise.

Beating hearts strong by creek or marsh

deep rivers and great bays ebb and flow

deer and elk love the salty-sweet grass

quilts of colorful leaves cover meadows.

The rising sun bright in the eastern sky,

from within that great awakening forest

a lone cicada sings his mating sonnet

upon the ebb and flow is the life circle.

                                 ~ Ken Allan Dronsfield

                                     Seminole, Oklahoma, USA

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  1. Picturesque… dance of nature in sibilent steps.. great work Allan.. touching… simply great.

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