The Risk of Rohingya

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal

In Rakhine, some villages in Mungdaw area which were home to hundreds of Hindu families in Myanmar have only left with deserted homes and mass graves. Though Burmese army has exhumed 47 bodies, authorities fear many more have been murdered in cold blood and buried in ditches. Some women who caught their eyes were abducted to be used as sex slaves.

This inhuman atrocity or should I say textbook example of ethnic cleansing was carried out by very people who now want to settle in India. Many people tend to comfortably forget the fact that conflict in Myanmar began because the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) murdered border security forces in Rakhine region. Some news outlets are trying to paint a picture that these people were denied basic rights and ARSA is only trying to get their voice heard but after witnessing the rotting corpses of Hindu men it only becomes clear that all ARSA wanted is a Rakhine free of all non-Muslims.

Even if out of pity we take in Rohingya refugees, what is the guarantee that there will be no wolves in the skin of sheep? What is the surety that there won’t be any terrorists? Have we learned anything from Kashmir or France? Already things are tense in West Bengal and north Kerala. Who will assure that there will be no communal violence if we let Rohingya in? Will Rajmohan Gandhi come to protect your life and property should your house will be attacked by a jihadi mob? These “intellectualls” with their comfortable positions in academia and policy institutions are simply too above the ground to know the harsh realities which we live in.

I am surprised why the Supreme Court would want to interfere in matters of national security.  There is an overwhelming evidence of Rohingya youths being influenced by extremist groups like Lashkar and Jaish. These people should go back to Maynmar. In number of anti-terrorist investigations by security agencies, Rohingya operatives have been arrested with charges of carrying out attacks or of aiding in one on Indian soil.

Do you think Madrasas preach universal brotherhood or they believe in panchsheel of live or let live. We will be taking a huge security risk by letting the Rohingya enter India. If Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey or any western countries are so concerned, they are welcome to take them in.

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  1. O K R Sivagnanam says:

    These are the days when we do not know what form the deadly terrorism takes!
    Given this situation, we will only be inviting the troubles if we welcome those refugees in to our country!

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