Month: October 2017


The Right Way

Hey man! Lost your way? Relaxed your dynamics? World Union first and then free room for action, constructive anarchy of action philosophy. The old Reich lost its center and orientation. If you lose your innocence there is no inner order, only strangers, lost love and broken business. There‘s no way […]


Rising Star

Beyond waves, mountains, a hope with myriad sun will rise to enlighten fallen destiny, with every wave, you rise and fall again to stand on waves once you feared, one day you will rise to join myriad sun beyond waves, mountains, buried inside you…             […]


The Festive Fervor

Come September and the cool breeze Ushers in the festivity of the season It begins with the ‘Ganesh Utsav’* When delightful deities of the Lord Ganesh Are battling to come alive And decorate the roads with ‘pandals’* and lights To adorn the deities The ‘moral conscience’ of man triggers his […]


Diseased Mind as a Weapon

By Mark Antony Rossi I overheard a woman saying to her girlfriend that the internet was like the Wild Wild West. I disagree strongly. I wish it was more like the OK Corral. At least there would be a sense of adventure exploring and taming the unknown and defending values […]


Ambrosia of Love

I  looked  into  his  eyes There  was  magic  over  there Some  love,  a bit of  romance, And  deep  desire  laid  bare It  mesmerized  me It  put  me  into  a  trance How  could  I  break  away From  the  spell  of  his  glance There  was  no  need  to  talk Our  silence  said  […]


Lover’s Song Of Abduction

Let’s believe together with our oval eyes  Let one curve pose as your waist, one as my arm You don’t fall nowadays but our cloud glasses crackle, break; mirrors fly Tell me, do you feel my burden or it just burns You weren’t the last, but the world recycles fast […]


Cybergreen Breakthrough

Cybergreen Breakthrough into the light, into the light of life, into happiness wide of the conscious power from the other side. Cybergreen Breakthrough, intelligent and wise, outside of the normal, beyond the common line, deep inside the wonders of the comin’ time. Every was is ending with peace, peace of […]


Former Vs Latter

Deservedly they weep for the first. Because the lag is reverse. Deep down cossets her child. As a stopgap who else is so mild? She is a candle of home. For offspring, like a sky-dome. Unbrokenly veneers his idiocy. But the latter unearths everything with obstinacy. The former nabs kid’s […]