Lover’s Song Of Abduction

Let’s believe together with our oval eyes

 Let one curve pose as your waist, one as my arm

You don’t fall nowadays but our cloud glasses crackle, break; mirrors fly

Tell me, do you feel my burden or it just burns

You weren’t the last, but the world recycles fast

One breath, one kiss wrongly taken and I’m gone

Do turn once, while you tour the road; I shall call it, two drops of water

Don’t meet as the first raindrop, I can’t handle your fan following,

 I’ll prefer two drops of tear

Doesn’t matter now, as long as it’s dark;

 A black hat on that sunny day did folk-tell of a possibility

Love, another costly affair, except for those Ray-Ban shades;

Curiosity takes my side and warmth, yours

Resolve it now, frost on my glass or frost on my pane

Of most sanities, only love can hold a hand, be called insane

Sketch on an unfair skin, a lover’s song of abduction;

Sweet division was, is the greatest pain

End lies nowhere; I, like any other, like saying, it began from me;

When I say, I hope you would rain once again, it’s just for my lane.

                                                                                       ~Daipayan Nair

                                                                                         Silchar, India

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