Fear Itself

By Mark Antony Rossi

FD Roosevelt was right “the only fear we have to fear is Fear itself.” I seem to tackle this dilemma everyday in others. Fear, more than any other reason, holds people back from being their very best.

In writing, I expect a certain boldness that is more present in the artistic personality than the average person. But when fear is permitted to rear a sinister shadow it short circuits creative potential by aborting originality. I’m bothered by people who mouth off in private but do nothing in public. Fear is their constant companion and begins to erode their character. They make decisions out of fear and slip down a mountain of unreliability.

Fear is supposed to be a natural protective response to shield us from hostile elements. Instead it is often an easy excuse for inaction or dangerous reaction. Fear devoid of common sense devolves into corrosive prejudice.

While it may not be healthy to eliminate fear from our lives it is vital for a productive community to illuminate its members to the negative consequences associated with surrendering to fear. We must teach our children that courage is not the absence of fear but rather the display of rationale behavior despite the presence of fear.

Fear itself is the killer of poets and painters, paratroopers and park rangers, parents and pastors. Every shot caller, high roller and stakes holder has a chiseled appointment with the bureau of reconsideration (This but another face of fear).

The thief in the night is not a devil or a disease it is simply a doubt left unchallenged until it grows into a festering fear undeserving of attention yet ready to undercut harmony and foster disunity.

If humanity, just a moment, slows down to catch its breath that might be enough time to imprison fear and set loose the incredible positive potential of holding a stranger’s hand and walking in the same direction.

About the Author: Mark Antony Rossi is a poet, playwright and author of the bioethics volume “Dark Tech” now available from Amazon. His most recent plays have been produced in Liverpool and New York. 

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  1. Very well said Mark. I once wrote a piece called Fear is the Glue. Pointing out that society is controlled by fear. The mainstream media peddles fear. People fear the loss of their jobs, their family, their rights. Fear has been corralled and used to glue society together in their (our) huddled masses. Those who speak out against fear become the objects of mass attacks, and if that person is well enough known, the media leads the charge against them. The glue cannot be undone, lest we have freedom, and freedom is a perpetuated myth. A very interesting piece. I commend you on this. Good work as usual

  2. Thanks, Graham.

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