Ambrosia of Love

I  looked  into  his  eyes

There  was  magic  over  there

Some  love,  a bit of  romance,

And  deep  desire  laid  bare

It  mesmerized  me

It  put  me  into  a  trance

How  could  I  break  away

From  the  spell  of  his  glance

There  was  no  need  to  talk

Our  silence  said  it  all

The  passion  soared  and  flowed

Like  bouncing  waterfall

His  warm  ecstatic  touch

Made  my  inhibitions  melt

I  reached  the cloud  nine

With  the  bliss  of  love I  felt

It’s  heavenly  to  be  in  love

Love  is  happiness  divine

It  makes  us  intoxicated

With  the  taste  of  God’s  wine

                                                    ~Sudha  Dixit

                                                      Bangalore, India



  1. very beautifully composed
    enjoyed reading

  2. O K R Sivagnanam says:

    Love well treated!
    It’s magical in the sense that the afflicted goes spellbound, feeling the difficulty in coming out with the real feelings in black and white!
    It’s always beating around the bush, feeling sigh of outright expression, but capable enough to make the other understand the pulse quite easily!
    Knowing what it’s exactly, but pretending to be unaware of, is most often the saddest experience one can have!
    Whatever it be, the chemical reactions that the LOVE undergoes are not hard to identify, and be in a hilarious mood as if something unachievable has come to us, and embraced, not willing to vacate the destined!

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