The Red Hell in God’s Own Country

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal

Kerala, a state endowed with the natural beauty and bounty, famous for its rich heritage, culture and one of the few states in the country with very high education ratio is now famous for the blood bath which is becoming a new norm in the state. The recent news of brutal murder of Sangh Karyakarta Rajesh Edavakode shocked the whole country and brought the ugly reality of law and order in the state that’s usually the first choice for tourists both domestic and foreigners alike.

A communist society is portrayed to be a utopia of harmony where there are no differences, ideas are debated, discussed and dialogue is to be the instrument of change but in practicality the price that is paid for this utopia is paid with blood and carnage. Any deviation or descent is crushed with an iron hand. It happened in China, it happened in Russia and now it’s happening in Kerala. The number of dead RSS workers killed in last 17 years is 65 in which the most deaths have taken place in last 3-5 years. Now let me tell you this number does not include RSS workers who didn’t died in the attacks but were either seriously wounded or lost a limb. Take the example of RSS Karyakarta Sadanandan whose both legs were chopped off by CPM workers. Where does intolerance agenda disappears over these atrocities? Do you think Brinda Karat, Sita Ram Yetchuri, Prakash Karat or Pinarayi Vijayan doesn’t know or approved these killings. The outrage which is vented out in newsrooms on “lynchings” is no where to be found when left murders the opposition. JNU can organize an azadi march in favor of Afzal Guru but not in support of victims of red terror like E Rajesh.

The problem is not liberalism but the hypocrisy that is so blatant and shamelessly defended by the communists, when confronted with the law and order question they list the deaths of their comrades. Yes they also lost people in the violence but the bigger question is who is fostering this cycle of violence, why it has grown to such praportions. Communist party which in fact is in power in Kerala and in full control of all state apparatus is unable to curb this vicious cycle. This can stop tomorrow if they want but if there will be peace there will be no need for communism.

Another disturbing fact is the rise of Al-Qaeda and ISIS affiliated groups in Kerala. These jihadists have been alleged to be in collusion with the reds with bases, funding and support in North Kerala, no surprises its the left power base. And the Bangladeshi style slash and hack murders of academics and writers because they dared to stand up to these extremists groups are not unheard of.

No awards will be returned for this Genocide; no “not in my name” gang will come out for people like Rajesh or Sadanandan. It’s not all about the red, saffron lives matter too, so does the others.


  1. an eye opening editorial siddharthji for which you deserve attention, right at the time when India is celebrating her 70th independence day with gusto and fervor
    are we really free from the clutches of slavery? Are we not slaves to our selfish motives and interests?
    such brutal forms of slavish incidences only remind the public of what happent during colonial rule . Are we any better?

  2. kindly correct the spelling …. happened not happent

  3. It’s really a very sad thing to happen in a country which is known for it’s spirituality and culture.
    Some serious steps have to be definitely taken especially by the concerned authorities to stop all this unlawfulness before it annihilates all the beautiful things that our country stands for in this world.

  4. O K R Sivagnanam

    A revealing editorial!
    A state or the country sans peace is not the right place to live in peace!
    Who rules is immaterial, when the valuable lives are snatched away for any reason whatsoever!
    Law and order is an issue that the authorities concerned must lend the highest priority to,for only a congenial atmosphere can readily contribute to the well being of society!

  5. O K R Sivagnanam

    ‘peace’ in third line may be deleted.

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