They live amongst us

Draped in masked attire

They insist they know you, worked for you

They swindle you with false tears and lies

They come begging for money on some pretext or the other

Their conscience seems to have died at an early age

Whatever be the cause

Primarily poverty and mostly laziness

 The will not to struggle and work to earn

 Begging is easier

Line up near the temple doorsteps

Carry a child or drag a pathetic girl or boy in tatters

Compel them to stretch their arms to beg

 Or else

 Beg in the name of a dead child …

Next day forget the purpose of the act


Drag that very child to beg

Too many facilities are provided to these poor

 Some of whom have fat bank accounts

 Yet their will is to beg and live as paupers

Call it fate or destiny

                                                               ~Shobha Diwakar

                                                                Jabalpur, India


  1. O K R Sivagnanam says:

    Their adamancy in not getting out of the ruts makes them line up for alms in public places where people congregate!
    It’s true they feel more than contented with the job they are currently performing!
    They stick to the status quo,and remain in the’comfort zone’, fearing they may lose the opportunity, the moment a switch-over to something productive and meaningful vocation is effected!

  2. This is unfortunately very common in our country. Too many facilities & privileges drive lazy people into lazier state. Begging is not only on streets but it also exists everywhere within the heart of those who don’t wish to labour for the sheer reason that they get things on a golden platter & if it’s denied they demand it as their right & go on a rampage. All this is nothing but begging in a different way. God alone knows where all this is going to lead us to!

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