An Appeal for the Festival Season

Dear Reader,

As we are moving towards festival season, families and individuals will start shopping for the festivities. From small items like lamps, decorations and fire crackers to expensive stuff like cell phones, laptops etc. will be on the shopping list.

We might not know it but we bring a lot of Chinese goods in our homes in our festival shopping. The discounted Chinese stuff always beats the domestic ‘Made in India’ item in getting our attention but what we also don’t know is that our money goes right into the pocket of Chinese government which uses it for its aggressive, expansionist agenda.

Regardless of Chinese belligerent rhetoric, our armed forces are more than capable of responding and repelling any attack or invasion from any of our neighbors. As citizens we have to play our part too. This festival season may be spend a little bit more, may be buy little less but buy Indian. For your information here is the list of Indian and foreign goods given below, we hope we’d get your support in this fight.


                                                                                     Happy Festival Season

                                                                             Siddharth Sehgal

                                                                                       Editor, Indian Periodical

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  1. O K R Sivagnanam says:

    A nice idea to react against invasive tendencies of China that greatly benefit out of our people’s tendency to go in for their cheap products marketed by them!

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