The Simmering Tensions from Bhutan to Bengal

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal

It’s a given that one should have good relations with their neighbors but sometime you have to hold your ground to get your point across. China needs to understand that making threats or flexing muscles is going to cost it way more than a road.

China has a big, powerful, and military but it also has a big, expensive infrastructure and economy to loose. I guess in their euphoria of reminding us about history lesson they forgot the fact that we have more than enough fire power to defend ourselves and some more to give the dragon the taste of its own medicine. Our nuclear capabilities are sufficient to wade off any aggression from any neighbor on any front. So Beijing and friends should not have any misgivings about us. Better they come to their senses and sit down to discuss and resolve the issues. By the way, I’d advice Indian government to send back or rather kick out Chinese ambassador and their political counsellors in India. Guests should behave as guests, potty mouthing their hosts in their home in their home will not set the diplomatic tone at all.

Now coming back to our home, the fire that is burning right under the nose of Mamta Banarjee will engulf the whole state. The level of appeasement policy undertaken by West Bengal towards Islamic Extremism is simply alarming. Whether it’s monthly stipend to Mullahs and clerics or protection of opium trade in borderlands of Bengal or nexus with cattle traffickers who traffic a lot more nefarious stuff than cows or buffalos is just one issue. Systematic erosion of democratic institutions of state, turning the blind eye towards persecution of Hindus, in the districts of Malda, Basirhat, 24 Parganas and other affected areas. What is happening in West Bengal is a grave threat to national security and the sad part is that Mamta Banerjee is in collusion with such anti social elements for her own political gains. As for Mr. Bournvita Quiz Contest, he is a mere puppet whose strings are being pulled from 30B Harish Chatterjee St, Kolkata.

Bengal or Dokh–La, we have to take a tough stance against any foreign or domestic threats against our country. Be it Beijing or Banerjee, we will prevail against all odds, we always have.

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