The Crumbling Political Compromise of Nitish Kumar

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal

Nitish Kumar’s suffering at the hands of his political partners is coming towards an end. But this end is of his own making the only positive sign for him is that he gets to save the face. But given the charges against Lalu’s family this divorce should have happened long before current crisis.

I am sure that during their tenure as partners either side might have come to realize tat the other is making life difficult for them. It was too public and reputations were at stake had the friction came out in the open but with friction heat is generated and it has to go somewhere. The Yadav’s would e political dead weight for Nitish to carry and knowing that he has no future in opposition coalition as the pm candidate, he is wise to get out of this partnership. Even if Tejasvi Yadav keep the deadline and resigns under pressure, the coalition will not last long especially when if doesn’t serves Lalu’s family interest.

For those who think Lalu Yadav and Nitish kumar are being played here by BJP are dead-wrong. The sort of juicy details of nepotism, corruption, graft and abuse of power, those pictures of posh villas in Delhi, Gurgaon and other places, their details and how they were acquired illegally cannot come out without Bihar government’s active support. If sources are to be believed Nitish and company were leaking all these details to BJP which led to this scenario. The mud scam at the Patna Zoo, its information didn’t come out of thin air, it was leaked. Given BJP’s assurance of safeguarding Nitish’s chair, friendly gestures and exchanges between PM Modi and Mr. Kumar, it has to be the backdoor negotiations that are showing the effect now.

May be that’s why politics is not a career for everyone, not everyone can open arms to their sworn enemies. Yes Nitish do not have any stains of his record but does the lure of Power is so great that politicians who claim to be spotless are willing to embrace corrupt individuals. He is inclining towards BJP today, who is to say he will be stay true to his word.  Which is why we don’t need shrewd politicians we need uncompromising leaders, who don’t flinch in the face of defeat. Hope Bihar and its populace get a priority in this musical chair of politics.

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