Planet Kid

Planet Kid is a-comin’ from the golden shore.

 She won’t be in trouble, won’t have broken bones

 when she fights with power of cyberelectrons.

 Planet Kid’s a-walkin’ down the road of storm.


Planet Kid will come with her alien-gang.

 Planet Kid will check-out if you are the friend.

Planet Kid is master of all the magic keys,

 she is the wild dreamer of the real,

 the enemy she is of all that kills the feel.

 Planet Kid’s a-laughin’, seein’ your scene.

Planet Kid is wise with the universal goal.

 Planet Kid’s home is the cosmic whole.


Planet Kid’s stride is fertile and straight,

she is the being givin’ through the vast,

 givin’ the wonders far beyond your thought.

 Planet Kid is laughin’ with unnumbered stars.

Planet Kid is movin’ with mountains and with streams.

 Planet Kid: the speed overcomin’ limit-wheels.

Planet Kid, I tell you, is the in-between.

 Where she is rules end and freedom sings.

 She is the door, she is the more:  Planet Kid’s a-blazin’ with joy and love.


She is the milky way and the unknown star.

 She was always there, right from the start.

Planet Kid’s a-comin’ from the golden all.

 She won’t be in trouble, she always knows

 the flight to the impossible, the other shore.

 Planet Kid, woman, girl and sweetest soul.

Warrior heart, light of infinity’s thought!

 Splendor of heaven, victory’s firedance of love!

                                                    ~Michel Montecrossa

                                                   Gauting, Germany

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