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Planet Kid

Planet Kid is a-comin’ from the golden shore.  She won’t be in trouble, won’t have broken bones  when she fights with power of cyberelectrons.  Planet Kid’s a-walkin’ down the road of storm.   Planet Kid will come with her alien-gang.  Planet Kid will check-out if you are the friend. Planet […]

July 16, 2017 · 0 comments · Poetry

Life Like That

Who will  help whom, Each on of us is carrying Our cross, Fumbling, stumbling, wobbling We walk across The bridge And trudge Towards the wall To be nailed, Hoping To be hailed As  Maseeha, By   posterity, Struggling  eternally Believing  in  futile strife And  never  living Our   own  life     […]

July 16, 2017 · 0 comments · Poetry

Saluva Timma, Mahamandaleshwara

Saluva Timma, Mahamandaleshwara Shall I tell the story of how you came to be Blind beggar at the shrine of Venkateshwara? When your dying king bid you blind his young brother You deceived him with goat’s eyes, what vile treachery! Saluva Timma, Mahamandaleshwara! You who crowned Krishnadevaraya emperor With all […]

July 16, 2017 · 0 comments · Poetry

At Jacob’s Well

It was about the sixth hour In Nablus, in the West bank  A wayworn traveler hungry and thirsty resting upon a well-curb Asks to be given some water Sitting next to the winch and the bucket at Jacob’s well, at the Well of Sychar at a deep well hewn of […]

July 16, 2017 · 0 comments · Poetry

An Encounter

By Anuradha S. Bannore (Based on a true incident) It was a beautiful sunny Saturday morning with a mild breeze rustling the leaves. The birds were chorusing gaily. It seemed to be inviting people to come out of their houses and enjoy the pleasant weather. Nomita had just woken up. […]

July 16, 2017 · 3 comments · Fiction

Catch Me If You Can

By Terence Wynne from Camillus, NY [slideshow_deploy id=’4419′]

July 16, 2017 · 0 comments · Cartoon

Leader of the Free World

By Terence Wynne from Camillus, NY [slideshow_deploy id=’4395′]

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अक्सर  मदद  को  आये  जो  अनजाने  आदमी  थे खुशियों   के   वो   सरमाये   मस्ताने   आदमी  थे दुश्मन  को  अपने  हमने  लो  माफ़   कर   दिया उनसे   गिला   क्या   करना   बेगाने  आदमी  थे लेकिन  तुम्हे  ना  हमदम  दे  पायेंगे   दुआयें तुम   तो   हमारे  जाने   पहचाने  आदमी   थे हमको  उजाड़ने  की  क्या  थी  तुम्हे  […]

July 9, 2017 · 0 comments · Poetry

Mahakavi Bharathiyar-“Address to the Lord Yama”

By N.V. Subbaraman from Chennai, India The great patriotic, national poet Mahakavi Subrahmanya Bharathiyar had unbounded patriotism, abundant love for freedom political and more, love for the languages-he was a master of eighteen languages which is not an exaggeration- love for the people and their tradition and culture, infectious ‘optimism’ […]

July 8, 2017 · 2 comments · Poetry

Words And ‘Words’

Words and ‘Words’ white butterfly on a black wall… a black one on a white wall… sunshine that brightens a wet, rainy day… sunshine that scorches… kindness that kills… kindness that ‘kills’… the morning after… the ‘morning after’… the Maker’s magic cloak I wear… turning it upside -down… inside-out… using […]

July 8, 2017 · 0 comments · Poetry