Saying Good Bye to Climate

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal

American President Mr. Donald Trump’s rescindment from Paris Climate Accord is like an amusing case of a diabetic old man who is frustrated of his family stopping him from having muffins and he rebels by gorging a kilo of ice-cream and arguing that his two old friends get to have a pint daily. I am not sure if American Administration has opted out of the accord for a sweet death or because India and China are having a pint.

While every country has a right to determine its own course but there are times when everyone should come together to address some common pain points, terrorism and climate change are few such problems. While Trump is just being Trump but we should take note of the changes happening in our environment and climate. We are polluting our cities, colonies and neighborhoods at a disastrously alarming rate. Swachh Bharat campaign should not be left to the government departments; it’s our duty to put our neighborhood in order. Few days ago picture appeared of the infamous lake in Bangalore that disgorges cloud like toxic foam and on occasion catches file. If you take a ride on the Delhi Metro Blue line going towards Noida, right when the metro takes the bridge over the river Yamuna, you can clearly see the water which has turned black by the waste that’s dumped into it and not to forget the smell that accompanies the scene.  The air in the capital has gone bad to the extent that pollution masks are a norm in the public places.

We have to sternly enforce rules and laws of our environment agencies for example in cities like Kanpur where factories and plant are situated right at the bank of river Ganga. Either the industrial waste have to be recycled or the factories have to be moved elsewhere. Often, waste containing Sulphur, Phosphorus, radioactive compounds and chemicals high in toxicity are casually released in the river which not only pollutes the water but also goes into the land and the atmosphere, for instance just read why DDT was banned in many countries around the world but hey we still use it. Why can’t we find an alternative, let’s give our scientists a chance.

The droughts, sporadic and sometimes incessant rains, extreme temperatures in summers and floods are the signs that our climate is responding to the adverse changes we are introducing in it. We have to put a full stop somewhere.  Green and renewable sources that reduces carbon footprint have to be pursued aggressively.  On the side note, I’d suggest our PM to cancel his visit to US in light of differences with Trump administration. Differences that are so out in the open andthe visit will by touted by Trump as a sign of submission.

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