Burning Bridges

You hurt me,

You betray,

Only in memory

You stay,

Oh, free me

From this bondage

And go away

I don’t want

To glance back

At the past,

I want to

Look forward

To another day

Where my dreams

And my future lay

I’ll follow

My fantasy

My heart’s sway

Whatever happens

In my life

Will, now, be

By my say

And my way

No more

Can you

Hurt me

And betray

Only in

Forgotten memory

You’d stay

                         ~Sudha Dixit

                           Bengalore, India


One Comment

  1. O K R Sivagnanam says:

    A beautiful poem!

    Allow memories
    Not to your liking
    Leave you for ever!

    Never allow your dreamy states
    To disturb your peace
    And torment you!

    Follow your instincts
    And have your way
    To erase what’s gone by!

    The past cannot revisit
    To intervene and
    Hold you back!

    Future is for your taking!

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