Your World

After all the Hi’s and Hello’s every time you saw me,

And all the smiles and glances you’ve traded me for free.

On that strange thirteenth day of November, I said yes.

And all the blind stars in the sky sparkled brightest.

You asked for my number for us to have communication.

And kept on trying to catch my eyes and my attention.

You wanted to own me, but I refused and not yet ready.

 ‘Coz I strongly hold on to the promise I made heavy.


From time to time, we laughingly talk to each other.

And you publicly showed that you are really into me,

Did not even inhibited us to your childhood friends,

With you and them is somewhat really bizarre to me.

One Saturday afternoon, we decided to go swimming.

Us and your sister were doing fun while eating.

Until we deeply drown ourselves into the sea.

Love is like swimming, you should take it easy.


I eventually fathomed happiness on our fanciful amity,

Every time we take a seat and explore our personal history.

After all those nights we ate Balut beside that busy road,

I forgot the frigid past that my heart and my mind reloads.

I waited for you one Friday night on the place where we belong.

Until you told me to hop on your wheels, after I’ve waited so long.

We pleasurably rode along every corner of Biliran’s busy road.

Listened to those stars who wrote a rhythm for us — an ode.



On the same night, when we awkwardly sat with your friends.

And let myself see your world and what you do with them.

Then you lit and hurriedly started to smoke weed,

Maybe you’d thought it was okay, but on me you’re dead.


All of those times when we were very happy and honest.

I couldn’t even see myself in the blurriness of sadness.

Not until that girl has come and made everything dark.

Gradually I started to find out that my heart was again black

When I felt back the hurt, I slowly cave in.

And my heart incessantly bleeds again,

When you saw me and soundlessly called my name,

You are walking, talking and holding hands with her.


I pretended I don’t know you.

I pretended I didn’t see you.

All I see in your eyes is a pretense.

Not even an “I love you!” in a sentence.


Yes, you’ve shown yourself to me without inhibitions.

I thought I can handle each of your imperfections.

But my heart disliked and dropped your name.

Nothing was on me now but anger and its flame.

That one vaguely insincere night, clouds are all passively in.

In my deepest part, sentiments closely like to begin.

I hardly see my little friends in the evening sky.

They’re not shining brightly as usual as they are.


I was chilled by the torrid atmosphere on that night.

I’m not supposed to end it, but the moon was not bright.

Almost totally fell down of your cliff, but I remained stiff.

After the suffocating wintry past, myself became deaf.

Those unfriendly, unhappy tears were not meant for him,

But for my unrequited heart that tonight has died again.

Told me your lies that covered all the scars of the broken glass.

Too late to discern the reality that you’re just spinning me round.


Your imperfect world was worth trying.

A temporary, non-fictional place for hiding,

For this heart of mine, that is again dying.

Yet I consolidated myself back after the aching.

I have seen your world and what you do.

Then I realized it was not meant for me to go with you.

I held my heart before it falls completely for you.

And now only my eyes can glimpse on this place we’ve been to.

The sudden anger still steadily burns in me,

When I see you from time to time it goes hardly.

Though it’s true that falling down in your cliff is a suicide.

So far, you’re the best regret, in my life, I have ever had.


 ~Jhon Peter P. Salino (Broken Montague)

                                                                                                                Biliran Islands, Philippines

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