Human Body Is The Temple Of God

We  are  all  mere  soul,

You, I and  they  are

Just  playing  a  role

Wandering  from  infinity

To    infinity

In  timeless  zone,

Aspiring  to  meet

The  higher  entity

And  become  whole

We  cannot  perform

The  assigned  task

In  our  fluid  state

We  need  a  medium –

A  carrier – to  fulfill

The  given  diktat

This  conveyance

Must  not  be

An  ordinary  one

It  has  to  be

Superior  in  trait

Hence, we  are  blessed  with

A  human  form-

A  gift  from  the  fate

Let’s  have  respect

For  this  unique  present

It’s  not  a  mere  means

It’s  much  more  significant

To  be  the  dwelling  place  of  soul

It’s  meant,

Hence, to  care  for

It’s  well being  is  only  cogent,

In  order  to  carry  out  His  intent.

It  has  brain – to  think

It  has  heart  to  pray

It  has  will  to  work

All  night  and  day

It’s  perfect  to  be  His  abode

The  human  body  is  virtually

The  Temple  of  God

                                                      ~Sudha Dixit

                                                      Bangalore, India

One Comment

  1. O K R Sivagnanam says:

    A nice poem on the HUMAN BODY!

    Under the grand scheme of
    The magnificent UNIVERSE
    Is the vast EARTH
    Where we landed
    With a definite PURPOSE
    To execute
    The TOOL we are
    Blessed with
    Is our HUMAN BODY
    Comparable with the
    That needs our
    Unqualified care and attention
    Till we DEPART
    To the unknown world
    Once and for all
    Not to return ever!

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