Another Year Ends

Crackers burst around

Burying the year that has gone

Hailing the arrival of the new

 Absolving vicissitudes of the past

A year dies another resurrects

Ringing in joys and hopes for a better tomorrow

Promises made unmade

Broken and kept

Ride you through the densely complicated journey

That begins and ends with writhing worries

What new goals to achieve

What new thunderous announcements

That reel you back and forfeit your gains

The tiring loot of yesteryears

Rocks the land with mauled goods

That helps build a bounty

Others lined up for morsels not taken

For days together

The ‘honest’ plunderers

Rejoiced and cherished unholy dreams

For generations to come

The New Year promises a revolution

Eyes wander flickering into the dense grey clouds

That trembles fiercely with concealed silver streaks

Lining the wrinkled frowsy forehead

Somewhere the bells ring

Somewhere the angels sing

Somewhere a new- born arrives

Heralding the goodness of humanity

A new tomorrow

                                                  ~Shobha Diwakar

                                                  Jabalpur, India

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