The Screaming Rays

Night flows, drowsing man into slumber

A wee cool breeze crossing the barred window

Halts awhile

The heated room with no power

Seemed to strangle its might

I turned around as a whiff of the swirling fan

Touched my aching dehydrated limbs

Morn dawned, the screeching sunny rays

Upturned my dreamy sleep

The halting breeze had disappeared into the gloom

The waves of heat strode ahead fiercely scorching the earth

The sobbing earth shed some tears unseen by man

The cracks opened up, the heat tore them apart

A drop of rain…or a sip of water …  could ease the pain

But the clear heated sky, the dried up taps

Shed no more-

The nectar of life

The fields cracked, the farmers wept

Their patience soaked their tears

The shrieking cries of babes in arms

Melted no one’s heart

The golden fiery ball in heaven

Looked down on earth to scald

The selfishness of man… and his pride

To stoke and kill his plans

The loot, the rape, of mother earth

The minerals, the natural resources

 Dug and drilled to line their pockets

The virtues sold and killed

No light of wisdom, no guilt, no shame

To loot and plunder the earth

 The sun in heaven, god’s eye in heaven

The rescuer of life and thrill

 Now punishes man for his ill begotten whims

By burning it like hell

No one sees nor withdraws

From trampling, loot and secure

The holiness that rapidly slips away for evermore

                                                                                                        ~ Shobha Diwakar

                                                                                                        Jabalpur, India

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  1. O K R Sivagnanam says:

    A very nice poem indeed!

    It’s quite unfortunate that nature has turned its back to the man! Nature is not to blame, but the man himself!
    He has not allowed nature to remain so as it was; The intrusion he made into the nature has transformed it beyond recognition;
    The selfish attitude of man has robbed it of originality and valuable resources to an extent that nature had started to pay him back in the same coin,one of its negative reaction being scarcity of water that drives the humankind to go in search of it, often times meeting with failure!
    Man’s role in the change in climate is not insignificant and hence the failure of crops resulting in food shortage, a challenge hard to meet with!
    It’s in the interest of whole of mankind that we have to reverse the trend by accompanying with nature, and nurturing it to bring its lost glory back to NATURE!

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