Echoes in my surroundings calling me to love you again.

My friends dare me to have a boyfriend.

But I cannot choose ‘coz there are no choices.

I’ve been played mostly by my admired faces.

Echoes in my mind, reverberating your voice and your name.

I conscientiously pitied for myself.

I’m always devastated by a love of mistake.

Doubting to regain everything I ever once feared.

Echoes in my heart, beating to be part of you again.

Have been beaten with undesirable hopeless hope

But you showed up and happened to be my innermost purpose.

The one like stars that is undeniably effervescent.

Echoes in my soul, ought to love you even more.

You’ve given me this severity of an unconditional love.

To deal with forever and picture moonstruck memories.

Doubt no more as I found you so treasurable.

Echoes of your voice, whisper that you’ll forever love me too.

You are ready to wake up with me and inhale the morning dew.

I reminisce the day when we met and both haven’t got a clue

That we’ll be here eating together at a buffet for two.

Echoes are everywhere, it always has love stories to tell.

Magically pacifies you sweet happiness.

It may sour for once in awhile,

But it survives and set again everything high.

                                                                                              ~Jhon Peter P. Salino (Broken Montague)

                                                                                                  Biliran Islands, Philippines


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  1. O K R Sivagnanam says:

    No more harboring any doubt
    But to proceed concretely,
    For,you experience
    Echoes everywhere –
    In your Mind,
    In your Heart,
    In your Soul,and
    In your Voice!

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