List of Contents

Coronavirus and Civilizational Ethos

Only You And Me….

Curtain Twittchers

Navagraha Puja

My insights on the Bhagvad Gita

A Wake Up Call

How Can Humanity be Sold?

Just Because, Bad Heart

Covid-19 Implications


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  2. Shri.N.V.Subbaraman is a versatile creator and a writer par excellence!

  3. Shri N.V.Subbaraman thinks and writes in unthinkable perspectives

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  6. Mr.Subbaraman duly should be duly recognized for his exemplary works on bringing out the Quintessence of Thirukkural!


  8. Thupakula ramamurthi says:

    Sri N V s presents in a lucid style as his is original than Bhatatiyar a great gift to humanity. We still expect some more poems which are wakeup calls for elders too !

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  11. MessageMr.N.V.Subbaraman is a multilingual specialist, very much appropriate for Bharathyar’s translation!

  12. R.Gowrisankaran says:

    Shri N V S Sir is poet,great thinker, philosopher and above all an excellent human with lofty ideals. He is an inspiration to so many, leading others in showing how to live a fulfilled life irrespective of external circumstances. His every day snippets are thought provoking, enjoyable and a treasure to preserve.

  13. R Gowrisankaran says:

    Shri N V S sir is like a lighthouse to so many of us. His sharings are of very great value. He is a man of lofty ideals. He is an inspiring person. Every morning immediately on getting up I used to see his postings to make my day and get charged.

  14. Really it is nice to read respected NVS sirs
    Article s.As rightly menti by RGS Sir..

    Sirs articles are. Giving me …charge.

    Recently only ..i started getting his articles.
    Thanks to my Guruji…Esakki Rajan sir
    For this.

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