Today’s dire need is world peace but

World pieces are all that we see

The countries are brimming with chaos

There’s no peace anywhere

Neither within nor without!

Each state wishes to be independent

Disrupting thereby the smooth running of a country

Sorrowfully, India is the worst hit victim of this cancer

You have a Gujarati, a Punjabi, a Maharashtrian but

Not an Indian!

This is ‘mine’ that is ‘yours’

Is all that we usually hear

‘Ours’ seems to have disappeared from the dictionary

Only ’y’ has to be removed from ‘yours’ and

  A massive stumbling block

  In the path of world progress will dwindle away!

  We are the world citizens so

  Let the torch of fire be carried forth

  As the world peace torch and

  Not as a weapon

  For burning down public and private property

  Or even human beings alive

  What a heinous act it is!

  How can anyone ever be so very atrocious?

  Advanced knowledge has given birth to

  Sophisticated deadly lethal weapons

  They are toys for the duped

  To terrorize the innocent

  It’ll tear the world apart

  That’s not what we want!

  Let’s forsake our differences

  For a better world and life

  Following the principle of

 ‘Live and let live!’

                                                   ~ Anu S. Bannore

                                                       Vadodara,  India


  1. Jaishree Misra says:

    A very serious issue penned poetically ! Such poems and thoughts are the need of the day and I compliment the poet for her expression of them so movingly .

  2. how can anyone claim to proclaim peace when all the countries of the world are rushing to arm themselves with the deadliest weapons they can invent?
    it seems as though the world is basking under the shadows of a third world war that will wash off all nations of the world it is time world politicians got together and dealt with this fearsome aspect
    well-written eye opener. I hope the politicians will take time to read this

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