Month: July 2016


A Mishap

It had been ailing since a few days The doc was supposed to come- He couldn’t, though he had promised We waited for two days- Before sending an SOS And then, there he was pronto! Very closely he examined it And declared— The ‘timer’s’ time was up! Puzzled, stupefied and […]



By The Editor: Siddharth Sehgal  Compassion, that’s the title of this editorial. The recent attacks at Istanbul airport and the standoff at Bangladeshi cafe testify the very lack of this value. What good or peace would come out of this carnage? The Islamic extremism is now poisoning the very countries […]


I Have Asperger…..

I wake up each morning feeling extra bright, However I am an outcast in ignorant people’s eyes. I have a unique perspective and dimension in many situations, But lack the ability of making an eye contact in many conversations. I have many advantages which you lack, I can remember dates […]



दीवानगी  में  उसको  ना  ढूँढा  कहाँ  कहाँ इक  दर्द  की  तरह  वो  मेरे  दिल   में  है  निहाँ फूलों  में, खुशबुओं  में, हवाओं  में, ओस  में हर  शै  में  जल्वागर  है  सिर्फ़  वो  ही  मेहरबाँ हम  तो  गज़ाल   हो गये, सहरा  में  इश्क़  के तिश्ना  हैं  लब , आता  नहीं  बादल  […]


My Word Is Law

By Shobha Diwakar Men, men, men; God created them in his own image I have heard and the tender Eve from his raw bone! only if he had not done so, poor Eve would have suffered less but then stories are stories and mythology mere mythology, either you believe in […]


The Foolishness of Forever

By Mark Antony Rossi Despite age-old arguments Science and Religion are not incompatible but incredibly out of synchronicity in the expansive realm and reality of human existence. Each historical force pushes and pulls people to be more than flesh and bone without ever intelligently explaining the vast ramifications of being […]



Today’s dire need is world peace but World pieces are all that we see The countries are brimming with chaos There’s no peace anywhere Neither within nor without! Each state wishes to be independent Disrupting thereby the smooth running of a country Sorrowfully, India is the worst hit victim of […]