A Mishap

It had been ailing since a few days

The doc was supposed to come-

He couldn’t, though he had promised

We waited for two days-

Before sending an SOS

And then, there he was pronto!

Very closely he examined it

And declared—

The ‘timer’s’ time was up!

Puzzled, stupefied and dumbstruck we stood!

All the main arteries were clogged

In a coma it would soon be

And ultimately die away

So under observation it was put-

Before the surgery

The doc rushed for the so called pace maker, ‘the timer’

Finally it was operated upon-

All the chalk-o-blocked arteries were cleaned

While very anxiously we waited

Hoping and praying it would soon revive

At sea we were without it

So our fingers crossed we kept

Lo! Our prayers were heard

As the life plug was switched on-

Immediately it gurgled into existence but-

After surgeries rest is a must

So advised we were to let it do so overnight

The next morning it had to work

At break of day we hurried to it—

The life plug buzzed energetically

Its heart was ticking rhythmical beats

Much to our joy—but-

We had to allow it to run smoothly before-

Weighing it down with heavy stuff

An hour it took to cool-

A smile it brought to our lips-

Our cute fridge survived the disaster!

                                                   ~Anuradha Bannore

                                                      Vadodara, India

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