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The Quest for Quiet

By Mark Antony Rossi  We live in day where bold colorful commercials, intertwined between serial dramas and music playlists, are designed to significantly increase the volume on your television, radio and computer. This sonic onslaught produced by marketers to grab your attention is annoying and troublesome. A nameless somebody sitting […]

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तुम्हे हमने बनाया

ये  तमकनत ! महज़  अपने  ख़ुदा  होने  पर ना  भूल  ये  कि संगतराश  मैं  ही  हूँ तेरे वजूद  का दार-ओ-मदार मैं  ही हूँ वो हथौड़ी की, और  छेनी  की चोट तूने  ही  नहीं, हमने भी खाई  है सनम हमने  ही  तुझको  दिया  है ये  ख़ुदाई  का  भरम देवता  तुझको   बनाया […]

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The Looters

A short story by Shobha Diwakar The day had not yet broken. The silver beams of the moon still relayed its silvery streaks into the curtain drawn room. Somewhere it seemed as though an owl hooted. An eerie air fluttered into the room and just as I yawned and stretched, […]

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A Child’s Dilemma

A short story by Anuradha S. Bannore ‘Ma, I want to ask you something. May I?’ ‘Oh my God, there you go again with your endless queries’. ‘No Ma, don’t say so but please explain the meaning of ‘Azadi’ [freedom] to me. Some people shout slogans of it and ‘Bharat […]

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Here is Valluvar’s Voice

Following is the translation of Thirukkural, a discourse on ethics, its author is Tamil poet and philosopher Thiruvalluvar who lived around 3rd Century. It’s translation is done by Mr. NV Subbaraman, he lives in Chennai. This Part of the series deals with the importance, significance and need and necessity of learning for leading decent and […]

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One Eyed King in the Land of Blind

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal If everyone who doesn’t follow the government line will be shown the door then this administration won’t be much different than the one it replaced and I am not saying this because I am anti Modi or establishment, like millions of Indians I also longed and […]

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Person of the Week: Dr. Tej Pareek

Dear Readers, We are starting a new interview series where we ask few questions to people who are making a difference, it can be big, it can be small it doesn’t matter what matters is their contribution to our society. It can be anyone from any walks of life and from […]

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क्या क्या ना कहूँ

मेरा  मन  है,  मेरी  जाँ  आज  तुम्हें  जान  कहूँ बहारें  लाये  हो  तुम,  खुशियों  का  उन्वान  कहूं समझ  ना  पाये  तुम  शिद्दत  मेरी  मुहब्ब्त  की प्यार  से  तुमको  मैं  आशिक़  दिल-ऐ-नादान  कहूं दर्द  के  फूल  उगाती  हूँ  मैं  धरती  की  तरह अश्क़ों  से  सींचते  हो, तुमको  आसमान  कहूं सुना  है  […]

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Biologically Speaking

  I…she,     You… he, That is the biological difference Between You and Me Created by cells Chromosomes Y and XY Grown in the womb… of fertility Over the years science progressed Ultra sound raped the womb Gently echoing the heartbeats A boy… or… a girl A boy to […]

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By Anuradha S. Bannore From Vadodara, India [slideshow_deploy id=’2480′]

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