The Most Important Ship In Life

Only in calm waters the ship of relationship sails smoothly

But when into murky turbulent waters it drifts

The entire scenario changes!

A roller coaster ride it soon becomes

Accompanied with volcanic eruptions

  A massive earthquake

Shakes the very existence of a placid life!

Becoming dainty fragile glassware

A single gusty blow is enough to devastate it

Hurling the shattered pieces to all nooks and corners of life!

Restoring this beautiful ship is no easy feat

The joints show to the glaring sharp eyes

That hound with endless curious weird looks

This impingement upon privacy drives one crazy!

Somehow the patched up ship once again sets off

On its precarious voyage

An ordeal it becomes to keep afloat

For the storm still lurks around subdued

  The helmsman steers it away from troubled waters

Careful nurturing is now needed more than ever before

For even one draft of a gentle breeze

Can lurch it to a disastrous end!

Ages it takes to build this precious ship

Another for its maintenance and up keeping

But only a second to wreck and lose it for ever!

                                                                                  ~Anuradha. S. Bannore

                                                                                      Vadodara, Gujarat

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  1. you have conveyed a beautiful message in this poem
    yes life is short, it must be lived with love and care before time runs out

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