The Earthly Lords!

A woman! A woman did you say?

Yes, a woman that’s what I am

And very proud of being one!

It spares me from being an empty boastful man!

I don’t deny there are many good ones too

But the egoistic selfish ones out number them!

Disrespecting women is their trend

In today’s so called highly developed and cultured society.

They wish to live a happy life by-

Keeping in reins and suppressing their women but-

When it comes to using her to achieve his goal-

He leaves no stones unturned-

Dragging her to places against her wishes

Making a big show of his caring loving nature!

Isn’t it like selling off one’s soul for personal gains?

Will it last long, being founded on ruining someone’s life?

Some can’t bear to see women progressing and-

Moving ahead on par with them

Even surpassing them quite often!

The demon in him then raises its head

To choke the life out of her.

How dare she succeeds and moves on

While he sinks in disgraceful failures!

Some of them believe

Enjoying the fruit of success and progress is their birthright

Women are meant to suffer the brunt of all failures, miseries

He loves to blame her for all his shortcomings

Harping on

What all he could have done and achieved only if he were on his own-

He talks of great things with littleness in his heart and mind!

Oh, what an awesome world it is-

So full of some such hypocrites lording in it!

                                                                                                         ~Anuradha. S. Bannore

                                                                                                              Vadodara, India

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  1. my previous comment seems to have been missed ! Surprised!
    true the ship of life can only sail smoothly when there are no perforations or else it sinks
    so also the relationship between a married couple
    well written with a punch

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