Happy Birthday Dear Sister

We played together we danced together

We together went to school

We hopped and skipped and during play

We played ‘pittoo’ too

At the big huge dining table

We sat together and yapped.

Ma helped us with our home- work  sometimes

Whenever we shied from it,

Teaching us a moral lesson

That bound us morally so

We brothers and sisters, altogether

Fought and shared our secrets


Those days are gone like shifting sands

On the beach we made

Those days have flown when merrily

We hopped and skipped and swayed

Those memories seem beyond yet are there to stay

Though we may be far apart you know

 Each day brings us close together


Days and evenings flow

Ma is there to bind us all

 Though she is weak and frail

Her love for us will never stall

Each year that flying goes

Papa is amongst our midst

Though he left sometime ago

Our brother and sister are

 Still with us

Their images live with us

A family is a family

When all are close and loved

We were seven we still are seven

Though Time divides us so

Dear sister we are there for you

 And all of us wish you so

 Blessed are you and so are we

 To have a loving sister who doesn’t show

The pains she takes to make us happy

By doing all the chores

Alone you trudge the livelong day

Caring, caring and always caring

Hiding all your woes

Today on your birthday dear sister

We wish you good health and cheer

May God bless you and us all

For making you so dear

                                                                       ~Shobha  Diwakar

                                                                     Jabalpur, India

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