Chaos For Quota: Jats, Patels ..

By The Editor: Siddharth Sehgal

The recent nightmare of water shortage which millions of people living in national capital including my own family had to go through just because a group thinks that they should get the benefits of being born with a certain surname was shocking and puzzling. I was surprised that Indians can do this to other Indians, raping, looting and arson that happened in Haryana was no short of an outright revolt  but what came as biggest shock to me is that administration gave in, both center and state governments surrendered to a bunch of thugs.

I can’t understand out of thousands or may be crores of Jats in state of Haryana, how many will benefit out of this agitation. Supreme Court has already ruled out possibility of reservation increasing more than 50% of all state level vacancies. Out of that 50% reserved, there are already many claimants of the remaining pieces of pie. SC, ST, OBC, and the list goes on, its like fighting for few drops of water to quench the thirst of hundreds. It won’t even benefit Jat community, they are already among the most well off in the state of Haryana. Their well being lies in their own hands not any quota or reservation.

 Now coming to the government, they simply agreed to all the demands of the agitators. Instead of taking a firm stand to maintain law and order. No wonder the next thing they demanded a Jat CM by government’s helplessness to reign in on the law and order situation. This is setting a dangerous precedent; it shows others like Hardik Patel that with right tactic you can bully the government into submission. You can be damn sure, the next agitation for quota no matter where in country it may occur will be more aggressive and destructive in nature. Same thing is happening in Jammu and Kashmir where Jihadist propaganda is being spewed from loudspeakers, it is reported that during Pampore attack certain local elements tried to prevent army from carrying out the operation against terrorist holed up in the entrepreneurial institute building. There are certain times in politics where you have to use carrot but there are times where you have to whip a stick, these are the cases where government needed to send a strong message. Agitation, protest is other thing but rioting should not be tolerated.

 Reservation is for those who need it not for those who just want a free pass. Either give it to everyone or don’t give it to anyone. Our job or should I say government’s job is to take everyone ahead not to declare everyone backward.


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  1. all this is a political gimmick supported intensely by those routed out of power. this game of reservation is only taking this country downhill and the MEDIA is more than responsible to raise the agitation
    Destruction to public and personal property should be made punishable by law and miscreants brought to justice
    What about those who were stranded for days together because of the railway track being damaged and all civil necessities and supplies derailed
    then to ease out the pain lacs of money are distributed to ease the sufferers as though money grows on trees and you can kill plunder, loot, destroy, the govt is always there to empty the coffers filled with public taxes.
    Indians shaming Indians

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