They swim in the oceans

They smell human blood

They tear them to pieces

All at once;

When caught in their clutches

It is difficult to release

Yourself from their deadly razor like teeth:

These sharks live in waters deep.

Just a drop of blood draws them to you.

There are sharks around you everywhere,

They are disguised in various forms…

You cannot distinguish them for they are

Too smart… they lure and fool you

Till you are caught;

They trap and sell they are pimps you know;

Around you they swarm and sting you so.

They pretend they are friends

They profess to know

All worldly knowledge is in them stored.

They meet you in discos, night- clubs and the mall

They befriend you if you are alone…

To trap and bring your fall

They bribe you with pleasant words and gifts

Until you believe this is bliss

Your outings are planned, your Sundays committed

To these sharks whose teeth are brightly projected.

But love at first sight and friendship too soon

Dumps you raggedly untill your friendship is betrayed;

Your picnics, your parties, were not solitary indeed

There were many in shark- skins he did not reveal.

Your merry evening, your merry pastime

Soon shattered your destiny;

Too late, you recalled:

This human shark was no friend of yours

 He mutilated your spark, yourself and more…

                                                                 ~Shobha Diwakar

                                                                     Jabalpur, India

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  1. It’s a beautiful poem depicting human sharks- the worst species of the animal kingdom. Hopefully things will change for better times where one can live & breathe in a world devoid of fear.

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